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27 February 2015

Beauty Review - Chi Chi Bronzes Eyeshadow Palette

So the YouTube community have been raving about the Chi Chi Eyeshadow palettes for some time now and I am a bit late getting on the bandwagon. In the past I have a been a big fan of the Chi Chi nail polishes and lipsticks so I decided to see what everyone was raving about. I picked up this palette from Target ebay for $22.95 but have since realised they also have a duo pack you can purchase for only $30! You can also get a "Nudes" collection which is basically a dupe for the original Urban Decay nude palette. Other palettes in the collection are Classics, Sultry, Brights, Rich Gems, Metallics, Smokeys, Taupes, Elegant, Naturals, Bases, Matts, Sunkissed, Pretty, Oasis and OMFG which is a very exuberant pop of colours!

Chi Chi Eyeshadow Palettes RRP A$22.95 each

On first impression I am adoring the colour selection they have put together. My every day look is a bronze smokey eye so I thought this palette would be perfect for me. 

Chi Chi Bronzes Palette RRP A$22.95

Initially  I wasn't overly impressed when I tested the colours on my fingertips. I was beginning to wonder if I had been duped by the Youtube community. lol. They didn't appear to be very pigmented so I used an eye primer with a white eyeshadow as my base.

 On application I was actually very surprised how nicely the colour glided onto my lids.  The consistency was also very nice and silky with a really nice pigment. The colour built up very nicely upon blending. You can also apply it wet for some extra vibrancy.

As for staying the end of the day the eyeshadow still had a lovely silky sheen and there was very minimal creasing. Obviously it is going to be different for everyone especially if you tend to have oily eyelids.

My overall verdict is that I am really happy with this gorgeous palette and it's excellent  value for money. I am really keen and super excited to try out the Nude and Metallic palettes in future! Stay tuned for a makeup tutorial with this palette :) 

Love Prue xoxo

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