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4 March 2015

White Choc Chai (Just like Max Brenners)

Max Brenner White Choc Chai RRP A$6.30

One night I was sitting at home craving something sweet like a Max Brenner White Choc Chai. This is when I was inspired by my Chai Vanilla loose tea leaves which I had sitting in the cupboard. If you haven't experienced Chai before it's a blend of yummy ingredients such as cinnamon, liquorice, orange peel, fennel and cardamon. I picked up mine from The Tea Centre at Robina Town Centre. Alternatively if your feeling really keen you could always make your own blend but I am too lazy. So here's how I make my own version of the White Choc Chai!

Chai Vanilla Loose Tea Leaves
2 cups milk
Hot water
A large handful of White chocolate chips
1 Tsp Vanilla essence

Chai Vanilla Loose Tea Leaves $7.25 Per 50g 

Pour the vanilla chai leaves into an infuser to make a pot of tea. Infuse with hot water for at least five minutes. In a saucepan combine the milk with the white chocolate chips on a medium heat. Stir vigorously with a whisk as the chocolate melts. Next add the vanilla essence and stir. Once the tea is ready pour into the saucepan and combine all ingredients together. Heat for a further minute and enjoy!!! Makes approx 3.

Love Prue xoxo

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