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28 March 2015

Dick Pics - Why Do Men Feel a Need to Send them? (Sharing is not caring)

So since I have become single this year I know there is one thing I can really look forward to on the dating scene.....the visual assault of male genitalia which I may add is sarcasm.  I can definitely say I certainly haven't missed it. I didn't think after getting back onto the saddle it would happen so soon especially on my first date.

Recently I went on a date with a guy who seemed like a really genuine person. We had a lovely dinner together and a couple of drinks. Throughout the night he was a real gentleman and he got bonus points for not groping me at the end of the date. Once I got home he text me letting me know how much he enjoyed the date and I felt over the moon. I was so excited he had enjoyed my company...... Then he had to ruin everything by sending me a Dick pic and he was hoping I could return the favour with some saucy shots of my own.

I know I am not alone when I say that most women have received one from a guy from time to time and I am not talking about pictures from your husbands or long term boyfriends. There is an epidemic of guys who are doing this when they first meet women or even prior. When I saw the pic I felt like I had been flashed by someone on the subway. I was really grossed out by the picture and I am by no means a prude. What ever happened to being a gentleman? It almost seems like these men are getting off on the shock value, good or bad.

This isn't the first time this has happened to me may I also point out. The first time a guy cooked me a lovely dinner and then proceeded to the kitchen where he photographed his penis and sent me the photo. I  heard the message tone on my phone and he panicked and said, "No don't check that until you get home". Of course I checked it and I thought I was seeing things. He hadn't even mentioned anything of a sexual nature and then wham. I am not sure if he was trying to be spontaneous but I found the whole experience extremely strange and it made the rest of the night rather awkward and also put a dampner on what would have otherwise been a perfect evening.

Even my guy friends think sending dick pics is of poor taste and they must have nothing else better to show for themselves. So I wonder why some men think that a woman would be impressed by this behaviour? I have a message for all you "cocky" guys out there! Keep it in your pants! There actually aren't many women out there who like to look at guys dicks. The reality is we actually think they aren't that appealing and we show our girlfriends your pictures and laugh at you. What ever happened to a little bit of mystery? So why you may be rather proud of your appendage, be a gentleman and keep it under wraps until the timing is right? Ok?

Love Prue xoxo

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