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29 March 2015

Thisworks - Does it Actually Work?

Recently I had been reading a lot of smashing reviews on beauty websites about the "Thisworks" range so I finally decided to splash out and see if these products live up to their name!!! Thisworks was created by the former Health and Beauty Director of Vogue, Kathy Phillips and is 100% natural and formulated with aromatherapy blends.

L- R Perfect Legs Skin Miracle 120ml RRP A$74
Deep Sleep Body Therapy Spray 100ml RRP A$39
In Transit Camera Close-Up 40ml RRP A$59
Deep Sleep Stress Less 10ml RRP A$24

I bought these products on the Mecca Website as my local store is a Mecca Maxima which doesn't stock the range however it's available at selected Mecca Cosmetica stores. The delivery was incredibly fast. In fact I think I received the parcel in just two days of ordering!

Out of all products I tried in this range this one is by far my favourite. I have extremely dry skin and on occasion have problems with dermatitis. Despite my problem skin this product still performed. It transformed my dry crusty legs to looking smooth and soft. I also like how this product has a slight tint which is nice and subtle so it looks natural. It also smells really lovely which is an added bonus. It was certainly well worth the splurge and I will be repurchasing in the near future!

Well I am not actually sure this product actually works or if it just has a placebo effect. I have sprayed it on my body before bed and I "think' it has a calming effect. Regardless it smells nice anyway. I was actually meant to order the pillow spray and bought this by accident.

So far I have been using this primer over the last three weeks and I am very impressed . My skin looks so much more healthier and at the end of the day my forehead is not slicked in oil. I was using Napoleon Set primer previously which I will now give a miss as it's clear it was causing breakouts all across my forehead. I changed no other aspects of my regular skin routine except introducing this primer to my makeup application and my skin has improved out of sight! Only flaw I can find is the product smells a bit icky but I can live with that since it's 100% natural. Big thumbs up from me!

Meh. I don't know if this product actually does anything. Maybe it's just me. It has a little roller ball so you can apply it to your wrists or to a tissue to inhale. I actually applied it under my nostrils one night but your probably not meant to do that. It contains frankincense and lavender which are meant to have a calming effect. To me it smells more like antiseptic mixed with lavender. What do you think? Am I being a bit harsh?

Love Prue xoxo

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